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It's up to us to clean-up the voter rolls, and what better place to do so than at our home address. Together we can make a difference and claw-back some of the voter integrity that has been taken from us.

ALL 72 counties have been imported into the system. You can still sponsor a county if you wish. The benefit: Your group/org/company will appear in all searches within that county.

By sponsoring your own or another county, you can help make an immediate impact on improving voter integrity. In addition to getting voter data into our system, you will have full access to the county data you sponsor.

Funds generated here will be used to continue development and import data into our system, one county at a time.

What is GhostFinder?

Ghost voters are the names of people who may have once lived at an address but no longer do, or were otherwise erroneously associated with a specific address. While most are usually marked as Inactive, it has been shown that Inactive voters can be marked Active, making it then possible to obtain a ballot. In theory, Inactives could be used to obtain ballots. Once ballots are fed into tabulators, the vote is counted and the voter can then be switched back to Inactive.

While clerks are required by law to maintain the data, the best method is to allow Wisconsin residents to help find data errors. Without an address to affiliate a name to, the ghost voter should be removed from the database. WEC's position is that voters are never deleted because the voter roll also doubles as a historical archive.

GhostFinder is a self canvassing on-line voter search engine and ghost voter challenge tool that Wisconsin residents can use to identify and request removal of any names in the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) official voting database who are associated with their home address but no longer live there or are otherwise ineligible to vote.

The GhostFinder system has a simple search interface. Simply type in your address and see how many names are associated with your home. Select the names of those who don't belong to add them to your shopping cart, then print. Pre-filled challenge letters will be autogenerated that can be notarized and mailed to the correct authorities.

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