Sponsor a county

Sponsor a County

ALL 72 counties have been imported into the system. You can still sponsor a county if you wish. The benefit: Your group/org/company will appear in all searches within that county.

It's up to us to clean-up the voter rolls, and what better place to do so than at our home address. Together we can make a difference and claw-back some of the voter integrity that has been taken from us. By sponsoring your own or another county, you can help make an immediate impact on improving voter integrity. In addition to getting voter data into our system, you will have full access to the county data you sponsor.

Process to Become a County Sponsor:

If you would like to sponsor anonmously, contact HOT and they will sponsor on your behalf.

What is next?

GhostFinder is functional with the counties we have added. Yet please know that we are making changes every day to improve this but bugs may still be lurking. Please let us know if you find something that's not right or suggest new features we can add to improve what we have.

On this website we will provide sharable graphics and communication pieces you can use to promote it to family, friends, organizations, and neighbors.

Sponsor a county