For Immediate Release: As of Jan. 1st, 2023, is now

In the fall of 2021, emerged as a proof of concept of allowing people to research the Wisconsin voter roll and allow the public to challenge a voter's status. (was created in Feb 2022 however it was born on in August of 2021) with two test counties.

During our work on this project, we have come to know many awesome people from many different political ranks and organizations. Those connections are of great value and we look forward to continuing to build those alliances.

We are speeding down the road to eliminate any confusion while we continue development.

Our goals are based upon realistic projections from our development history. e.g., MyVoterTool has all 72 counties for Wisconsin, and are expanding, but... one state at a time.

We've learned much over the past year and a half, with serving up over 7,000 searches a day. We are going to phase-out development of the challenge letter feature.

Our goal remains to provide everyone an easy to use tool to investigate their own data. We will continue to innovate and improve to provide access to data WE THE PEOPLE own.